Cool Code

What is coolcode?
This is a very easy to use and light plugin for WordPress 2.x to 3.x.
Adds syntax highlighting and line number to your code, base on Text_Highlighter.
It's also customizable,you can edit 'coolcode.css' to show different styles as you like!
The basic code by andot,and maintenance development by raysykes and Laoniu!

How about it?
As i said it was a light plugin for your wordpress blog.
You can see the demo below!

On your blog:


function writeMyName()
  echo "Cool Code";

echo "Hello world!<br />";
echo "My name is ";
echo ".<br />That's right, ";
echo " is my name.";


On your iPhone:
coolcode iPhone

How to download this plugin?
1.Download CoolCode
Or,you may automatically install plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory by you blog's dashboard.


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